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  • Stratigraphy and Sedimentary Environment and Implications in the Plato Basin and the San Jacinto Belt Northwestern Colombia

    Publicado: 2021-05-20

    Autor(es): Guzmán, G. 2007

    ID: S_ISSN 0019 0019

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The dissertation deals with the geology and paleogeographic evolution of the Miocene of the Plato Basin that extended all over the north-western corner of South America a long its Caribbean continental border within the San Jacinto Belt. The Paleogeography has been reconstructed by detailed geological mapping, sedimentology, lithostratigraphy and biostratigraphy(foraminifera) of representative outcrops, these data being supplemented by regional tectonic characteristics and by seismic information. In western Colombia, the interconnection between the South America, Nazca, Cocos and Caribbean plates induced the geological complexity of the South American or the corner. Their mutual evolution has conditioned to agreat extent the Regional paleogeography. The main unconformities of the Neogene of north-western South America and their tectonic and sedimentary implications correlated with some Hiatus sespreviously recorded in the sedimentary series identified in the near by ocean. The Caribbean margins of Southern Co