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  • National estrategy for biotecnology:

    Publicado: Oslo Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research 2011

    Ubicación: Centro de Documentación INVEMAR

    Solicítelo como: IA-60


This document present the Government's strategy for biotechnology. The strategy has its origin inthe Government's white paper on research, Climate for Research (Report No.30 (2008-2009) to the storting) wich states that a balance strategy for basic research, industry - oriented research, innovation activity and commercialisation in the field of biotecnology is to be developed. A variete of stakeholders have contributed to the estrategy. A kick-off conference was organised in 2010, and a conference focusing on ethics and biotecnology was held in early 2001. In addition dialogue meetigns have been held between key players in educational and research institutions, the healt trusts, trade and industry, and organisations and individuals whit expertise in enviromental and ethical questions related to biotecnology. This estrategy identifies four thematic focus areas in which biotecnology can play a role in addressing social challenges and where Norway has national cometitive advantages: 1. Aquaculture, seafood and management of the marine environment. 2. Land-based foof and biomass production. 3 Environmente-friendly industrial processes and products. 4. Healt, healt services and health related industries,