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  • Assessing sea turtle bycatch in Northeast Brazil through an ethnozoological approach

    Publicado: Paises Bajos ElSevier 2016

    Autor(es): Mariano Nogueira, Moyra

    Ubicación: Centro de Documentación INVEMAR

    ISSN: 0964-5691

    Palabras clave: Conservación , Tortugas Marinas

Bycatch in artisanal fisheries poses a significant threat to sea turtles populations globally, evidencing need for studies aimed at analyzing the impact of bycatch of sea turtles and their conservation. Considering the decentralized nature of artisanal fisheries, limited infrastructure for research and monitoring, collecting data on bycatch through interviews is recognized as an alternative method for estimating the magnitude of bycatch in artisanal fisheries. Using an ethnozoological approach, this work aimed to obtain data on the bycatch of sea turtles along the coast of the state of Paraíba (Northeast Brazil). The study focused on the following hypotheses: 1) the bycatch of sea turtles on the Paraíba coast is associated with different fishing techniques, and gillnets have the most impact on the animals; and 2) large-mesh gillnets that have higher bycatch than small-mesh gillnets. The results revealed that bycatch caused by gillnets was significantly greater in comparison with other fishing gear. Gillnets with a mesh size of more than 50 mm caused more bycatch of sea turtles than one with a smaller mesh size. Recommendations to reduce bycatch and mortality of sea turtles are proposed.