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  • Social bonds and recovery:

    Autor(es): Clay, Patricia M.

    Ubicación: Centro de Documentación INVEMAR

    ISSN: 0308-597X


Hurricane Sandy was one of the most devastating hurricanes to hit US shores. The brunt of the impact was felt in New York and New Jersey, especially among coastal towns such as fishing communities. A survey of these two states assessed social and economic impacts to 958 commercial and recreational fishermen and fishing-related business owners 12 months post-storm. Many businesses and communities were still struggling, due to heavy infrastructure damages and revenue losses with low insurance coverage, but also to disrupted fishing patterns for some species. Social bonds were credited by many as a key aid to recovery. Social bonds (sometimes called bonding social capital) have been shown to be critical for evacuation and recovery in other disasters. However, few studies examine social bonds and disasters within the context of fisheries. This paper expands upon that topic.