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  • Development of lanternfishes (Family myctophidae) in the California current. Part I. Species with narrow-eyed larvae

    Publicado: Los Angeles Museum of Natural History 1970

    Autor(es): Moser, H. Geofrey

    Ubicación: Centro de Documentación INVEMAR

    Solicítelo como: F-278

    Palabras clave: Peces, Peces linterna

Develpmental staged are described and ilustrated for 14 species of myctophids with narrow-eyed larvae beloging to 11 genera, ocurring in the California Current region off California and Baja California. The species include Protomyctophum crockeri, P. thompsoni, Electronarissoi, Diogenichthys atlanticus, D. laternatus, Benthosema panamense, Hygophum atratum, H. reinhardti, Symbolophorus californiensis, Myctophum nitidulum, Loweina rara, Tarletonbeania crenularis, Gonichthys tenuiculus , and Centrobranchus choeroce phalus. The development of each species is described for a species of life history stages, from newly hatched larvae to juveniles. the dynamic approach of tracing the development of characters sequentially has been followed; six to nine specimen are illustrated from each developmental series. Of taxonomic significance is the fact that larvae of each of the above genera have diagnostic shapes. Information on distribution and relative abundance of larvae of these species in the California Current region was based on 70 monthly survey cruises of the California Cooperative Oceanic Fisheries Investigations conducted between 1955-60, and 20 quaterly survey cruises made during 1961-65. Information on distribution was supplemented by data obtained from wider ranging expeditions, especially NORPAC 81955) and EASTROPAC. (1967-68)